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St. Henry's Area School is a Christ-centered community where the self-worth of each person is recognized and nurtured.  As Christian educators, we provide quality Catholic education.  We meet the religious, academic, social and physical needs of each individual. We believe our school is a model of Christian behavior where wholesome attitudes and moral values are witnessed and taught. Through our Christian behavior, we reach out to parish communities and the community at large.

Goals of St. Henry's Area School:

  • Help students realize their unique individuality in themselves and others

  • Help students grow and develop academically

  • Help students develop a faith-life in Christ

  • Help students reach out to others in service

  • Encourage strong communication and working relationships between home and school

If you are interested in learning more about this unique educational experience, please stop in for a tour and ask questions.  Thank you,

Jason Smith, Principal

Meet Our Teachers

St. Henry's Area Preschool
Angie Werner


Mickelson_Missy_0440 copy.jpg
Missy Mickelson


St. Henry's Area School
Ismil_Laura_0337 copy.jpg
Laura Ismil


Winjum_Steph_0370 copy.jpg
Steph Winjum

2nd Grade

Ogroske_David_0424 copy.jpg
David Ogroske

5th Grade

Schroeder_Samantha_0437 copy.jpg
Samantha Schroeder

6th Grade

Silbernagel_Lisa_0369 copy.jpg
Lisa Silbernagel

Music & Technology

Murdock_Katie_0391 copy.jpg
Katie Murdock


Bennett_Mary_0339 copy.jpg
Mary Bennett

Teacher's Aide

Todd_Kristie_0439 copy.jpg
Kristie Todd

Teacher's Aide

Thomas_Kathy_0316 copy.jpg
Kathy Thomas

Teacher's Aide

By The Numbers


Current enrollment at St. Henry's Area School.


Student:Teacher ratio.  Your child receives a lot of attention!


Our teachers' years of teaching experience, on average.

2021-22 School Board

Bill Stoderl

Dawn Boyne

Dani Nagel

Tracy Becker

Ashley Schultz

Kelsey Wiskow

Steph Vickmark

Father George Michael

Father Tom Skaja

St. Lawrence

St. Henry's

St. Henry's

St. Lawrence

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

St. Henry's



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