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St. Henry's Area Preschool

Preschool services have been established to assist families with the development of their children ages 33 months - 5 years.  Learn more:

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Brick by Brick

Building on our foundational Catholic values, St. Henry's Area School develops young people with a strong moral compass by providing thoughtful curriculum infused with the teachings of Christ.


The literacy program includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of literature so that students develop a variety of ways to effectively communicate.


Concrete, hands-on experiences combined with technical information to learn the inquiry process and explain real world phenomena.


The Religion Program teaches through stories, activities, Scripture, prayer, discussion, and reflection about the Catholic faith.

Social Studies

Preparing students for their role as informed, ethical citizens with an understanding of history, geography, and social systems.


Students learn basic principles and then continue to develop conceptual understanding and a range of problem solving skills. 

Physical Education

Developing healthy lifestyles in our students with concepts of game and sport, team building, decision making, and physical fitness.


The Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) has accredited St. Henry's school for 2023-2030.  MNSAA is a federally- and state-sanctioned non-profit association for accrediting nonpublic schools in the State of Minnesota. Their mission is to be a catalyst for enhancing the quality of nonpublic education in Minnesota through a comprehensive process of accreditation.

Schools are accredited based on their compliance with a set of rigorous standards which identify essential personnel, instruction, facility, curriculum, governance, and marketing policies and practices that are considered necessary for an effective school.



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