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Step 1 - Click Play


1st Card:

2nd Card:

"Like us on FB" Drawing:




Step 2 - Explore Virtual School

Using your mouse (or finger on a mobile device) you can:

  • Click and hold/drag to look around

  • Click once to navigate to a new position, move up and down stairs and around corners

  • Use the play button in the lower left corner to begin a guided tour

  • Click any room icon to jump directly into that space, or hide the room menu for a better view

  • Access the Dollhouse and Floorplan views using the '3d room' icon.  Click and hold/drag once your are inside the Dollhouse view, or scroll to zoom in and out.

  • Navigate through floors using the Floor menu

  • Experience this tour in Virtual Reality using the headset icon - requires a VR headset

  • And even more.  Experiment.  You won't break it!  If you get stuck, simply refresh your browser and start a fresh tour.

These images were captured over the course of one weekend in June 2017.

Step 3 - Find Cards Win Cash

During production of this virtual tour, two identical business cards were placed in separate locations somewhere in the school. They look like this:

To promote our website and Facebook page, we're awarding prizes to whoever locates these business cards.  How do you win? It's simple. Find one of the cards inside our virtual tour. 


Prizes: The first person to find a card wins $150.  The winner and card location will be announced shortly after it is verified (found on 8/20/17 in the 1st grade classroom). Whoever who finds the remaining card wins $250 and that will also be announced (found on 9/15/17 in the 3rd floor music room) Everyone who likes St. Henry's Area School on Facebook will be entered into a drawing for the final $100. After the second card is found, we'll hold the drawing (on 9/20/17) and announce that winner.  That's it.  Any questions? See below for more details.


  • If you find one of the business cards, report it's exact location to Boone Caughey by emailing  Email is the only method of notification we will accept. Boone alone knows the exact locations and will verify winning claims.

  • The 'Like us on Facebook' drawing will take place when the second card is found or 5/1/2018, whichever comes first.

  • If overlapping claims are made, the email date stamp will determine the order of claims.  Email is the only method of notification we will accept.

  • Contest rules and eligibility may be modified without notice.



  • You must like our Facebook page to be eligible to win a prize.

  • Each person may win only one prize.

  • Must be at least 18 or accompanied by an adult to claim a winning prize.

  • Individuals only, no businesses or organizations.

  • Any winning claims determined to be false disqualify the claimant from further eligibility.  In other words, don't guess!

Contest Details
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